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2016 Accommodation Fees

The information provided on this page is for the 2016 year. Current 2015 residents on July'15/July'16 residential agreement periods can still find their fee schedules listed at the bottom of this page.

Charges and payments

Accommodation fees are calculated for the full period stated in the Residential Agreement, and include utilities such as water, electricity, and internet access to the University's broadband system. In the catered Halls, meals are also included (with the exception of Huia Residence where meals are additional).

Accommodation fees for the term of your residential agreement are charged to your account in the following way:

  • Advance Payment & Residential Services Fee:  These are both charged to your account prior to the start of your residential period and payment must be received before you are permitted to check into residence.
  • Remaining Balance: The remaining balance of your accommodation fees will be applied to your account fortnightly according to the payment schedules below. You are required to make payment of each fortnightly charge by the corresponding due date.
  • Additional Charges: It is your responsibility to ensure that any additional charges made to your account due to damages, defaulting on payments, or items purchased through the online shop are paid in full before you check-out.

The deposit of $650.00 you paid at the time you accepted your Residential Agreement, will be credited to your room account at the beginning of your residential period, which means you can minus $650 from your Advance Payment total indicated on the payment schedule for your residence.

For example; if you are moving into a single room for the Full Academic Year, your required advance payment would be $1504.28 and your residential services fee would be $270 ($1774.28 total). Once you minus the $650 you have already paid, you have $1,124.28 left to pay before you move in.

Please note: The period of the residential agreement is fixed. You will be required to pay for the accommodation for the full period you have agreed to even if you arrive later than the start date, or leave prior to the end date.


Payment Schedules

Halls of Residence

The below payment schedules relate to Grafton Hall, Huia Residence O'Rorke Hall, University Hall and Whitaker Hall.  

2016 - Academic Year
(42.7 kB, PDF)
2016 - Semester One & Two
(59.8 kB, PDF)

Goldies Homestead

The below payment schedule relates to Goldies Homestead only.

2016 - Academic Year
(40.4 kB, PDF)

University Flats and Apartments

The below payment schedues relate to Carlton Gore Student Flat, Carlaw Park Student Village, Park Road Student Flats, Parnell Student Village, The Royal, UniLodge, University Hall Apartments and Whitaker Hall Apartment

2016 - Semester One & Two
(49.1 kB, PDF)
2016 - Academic Year
(60.8 kB, PDF)
2016 - Feb16/Feb17
(61.5 kB, PDF)
2016 - Jul16/Jul17
(62.9 kB, PDF)

Payment Options

You can pay your accommodation fees in two ways:

  1. Automatic payments via your bank
    This is the preferred method of payment. Ensure that you use the first and last fortnightly instalment dates detailed on the Table of Fees for your residence when setting up your automatic payments through your online banking account or directly with your bank. The account details you will need to set up your fortnightly automatic payment are detailed below.

  2. Online payments via the Accommodation Portal
    Payments can be made online through your Accommodation portal, by simply logging in, clicking on the Accounts tab in the blue menu bar, and following the instructions provided.

    Please note: If you are wanting to make a lump sum payment in advance of any charges being made to your account - please contact BEFORE you make the payment. Payments made before there is a charge (or debt) on your account, will not appear automatically on your room account as it will need to be manually transferred by our staff.

To pay ‘move in costs, fortnightly payments or lump sum payments, for all residences with the exception of University Hall and University Hall Apartments, please use the details below:

Name of bank: BNZ
Branch: Auckland
Name of account: University of Auckland Accommodation
Account number: 02 0159 0000280 07
Reference: Please provide your student ID number and residence name only as a reference on all  bank payments.
Swift number: BKNZNZ22 (for overseas transactions)

Please note: we do not take cash or cheque payments for accommodation fees, however if you are in Auckland you are welcome to come into our office to pay your deposit by Eftpos, credit card or UnionPay, provided you are making the payment before your acceptance due date.

2015 Fee Schedules

Grafton Hall

2015/16 - July/July
(53.4 kB, PDF)

Huia Residence

2015/16 - July/July
(174.6 kB, PDF)

Carlaw Park Student Village

2015 - July15/July16
(175.7 kB, PDF)

Park Road Student Flats

2015 July15/July16
(176.8 kB, PDF)

Parnell Student Village

2015 Jul15/July16
(174.6 kB, PDF)


2015 - July15/July16
(190.2 kB, PDF)