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How to apply for accommodation

Find out what accommodation options are available to you, how to accept an offer of accommodation if one is made to you, and how to withdraw your offer.

Application types

Selection and offer process

  • First Year High School Leavers

    You are completing, or have previously completed in 2015, your last year at a New Zealand (or International equivalent) high school.

  • How do we select future residents?

    Whether you are a domestic or international applicant, we select future residents based on their ability to add to the diversity of our residences, engage with like-minded residents and make positive contributions to the residential community.

  • Postgraduates

    You are undertaking Postgraduate studies ( i.e. Masters, or PhD)

  • Accepting your offer

    Find out how to accept your offer, and how to tell when your accommodation has been confirmed.

  • Undergraduates

    You are undertaking undergraduate studies and: have previously stayed in University of Auckland accommodation, are a current student who has never lived in university accommodation, are a new student (domestic or international), or you are a student transferring from another tertiary institution.

  • Withdrawing from your Residential Agreement

    Find out how to withdraw from your Residential Agreement, and the conditions for refunds.